African American Hair Growth – Suggestions For Lengthier Strands

Junho 11, 2019
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African American Hair Growth – Suggestions For Longer Strands

As we all know, love is blind and often irrational. This is why you might end up falling in love with a lady or gent that lives in a state or country far far away from yours. There is no need to despair though! You can still successfully date white women or black men, even if they live thousands of miles away from you. All it takes is some patience and a bit of planning.

If this is all true, than our “attraction” may not be attraction at all. It could just be “what we know” and our sense of loyalty to the Black community. And, maybe, we could become accustomed to another race with the right amount of time and effort and, in turn, become attracted and loyal to them as well.

African American Hair Growth - Suggestions For Lengthier Strands

Blacks were incensed when Bill Cosby spoke the truth, harsh and candid as it was, about the state of Blacks in America. He cited lack of parental control, drug addiction, teen pregnancy. He urged young black men to pull up their pants and learn a useful skill. He challenged young black and white interracial dating sites to spend more time on what goes in their heads than what is put on them. We were urged to take care of ourselves, our parents and our communities. The result was a bunch of black people upset with Bill Cosby. He had aired our dirty laundry. It was fine when we knew that we were a dysfunctional culture. It’s just not our way to tell everyone about it.

You must take precautions for your own safety. Even though the online environment can be safe and fun. Give it a little time before dishing your digits. Contact each other via chatrooms and E-mail in the beginning and only if you feel safe, provide your telephone number. If you choose to meet ensure it’s in a populated public spot and attempt to meet in daylight if you can. And, should you decide to meet an individual in person be sure to tell your friends and relatives where you are going to be; or, better yet, bring someone with you for the first encounter.

Well, the white saviors can’t abide this. They have to save the beautiful blonde from the clutches of this giant black ape-god. And save her, they do, though admittedly she’s lost a good amount of clothing by the time she comes running back with the great white hunter.

“Good Hair” is a film that people of color will relate to on many levels… and some will still find something new to discover as well. Non-blacks will also find much to learn and be surprised about – culturally and ethnically regarding a semi-taboo subject… that no one before Rock’s film has so publicly focused on.

One famous Chelsea Handler interview was with rapper T.I., who’d been recently convicted of gun possession charges. Chelsea asked him right out how he felt about going to the Big House, and to explain to her why she herself might need a car full of semi-automatic weapons. T.I. tried to play it tough for awhile, but once Chelsea got into blunt discussions of his sex life and her own interest in white women black men dating site, he couldn’t hide his amused but slightly flustered surprise at her non-PC comments.

If you know that your reading is not up to par be smart enough to admit that you need help learning to read better. Every library has, or can direct you to a literacy program to help you learn to read better.

My sister is married to a white man, and she wanted to visit my uncle’s church. He told her to beware because his church members “don’t believe in that”. Isn’t that sad?

When I think about my mama, I am reminded of the words of Raheem DeVaughn “and even as a single parent mama you still hold it down somehow, making ends meet somehow. I appreciate your strength. How you never bite your lip to say what’s on your mind.” Single Black mothers, hold it down!

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